2016 National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence

School Advisory Committee

The role of the School Advisory Committee (SAC) is to promote the school mission and the goals of the Education Commission. With prayer as the foundation, the SAC encourages a spirit of cooperation through its commitment to students, parents, faculty, and staff and by facilitating communication between these groups. The SAC also works to discern needs within the school community, and makes recommendations to the administration.

School Advisory Committee Members

Assistant Principal:
Assistant Principal:
Faculty Rep.:
Men's Club Rep.::
Home & School Rep.:
At Large, Facilitator:
K-2 Representative:
Grades 3-5 Rep.:
Grades 3-5 Rep.:
Grades 6-8 Rep.:



Fr. Mike Schatzle
Jack Nelson
Angele Fontenot
Lori James
Karla Prejen
Matt Noel
Kelly Vaughan
Paul Wiggins
Elizabeth Centanni
Yvette & Kyle Marionneaux
Nicole & Lance Hidalgo
Dena & Carter Balart