2016 National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence




Collect a minimum of 60 labels per family of the items listed below and student(s) will receive an Out-Of-Uniform dress day.

• Please complete one fundraising form per family.  
Neatly clip, count, and bundle each category separately.
• Please only send box tops that have not expired.
• Record totals in appropriate column.
• Place coupons, bar codes and this sheet in a labeled Ziploc bag. Send the bag to school office.

  • REMEMBER: Early Bird Box Tops Deadline: Thursday, September 23, 2016
  • 1st deadline is November 14, 2016, with Out-Of-Uniform on December 9, 2016
  • Early Bird Box Tops Deadline: Thursday, February 3, 2017
  • 2nd deadline will be April 24, 2017 with Out-Of-Uniform on April 27, 2017
  1. Box Tops for Education
    This is a General Mills Community Program. Collect General Mills box top logo coupons. Box Tops for Education sends our school a check twice per year based on the amount of box tops submitted.
    Send neatly clipped box tops in an envelope labeled with child's name, section, and total number of box tops enclosed. Please do not send expired box tops. 
    Please check out the General Mills website for all of the eligible food items featuring the "Box Tops for Education" coupon at www.boxtops4education.com.

  2. Labels for Education 
    Collect Campbell's "Labels for Education". St. George is able to redeem the labels for exciting merchandise for use in the classrooms. Remember that Campbell's labels include: front labels from canned products, front labels from some glass and plastic packaged products; lids from these glass and plastic packaged products and certain UPC codes. 
    To see more information and eligible product listings visit www.labelsforeducation.com.

  3. Community Coffee's "Cash for Schools" 
    Community Coffee's "Cash for Schools" program awards St. George up to 15 cents per UPC. Twenty-five percent of money earned from recognized donors will go into the Class Activity Fund. 
    For more information and eligible products, visit www.communitycoffee.com.

  4. Tyson Project A+
    Clip and save Tyson Project A+ labels from participating Tyson products. SGS redeems labels which are worth 24¢ each. For more information and eligible products, visit www.projectaplus.tyson.com

Purchase from the below businesses and help raise funds for SGS.

  • Office Depot 
    When you purchase items at Office Depot, mention St. George School at checkout (ID # 70041394). A portion of your sale will come back to the school in the form of a giftcard to purchase office supplies.


Parents can take part in these yearly SGS Home & School Fundraising events!

  • SGS Tuition Raffle
    Home & School's major fundraiser in which the winner receives free tuition (IFS) for the following year. The drawing is held at the end of Spirit Day.

  • Used Uniform Sale
    Each summer, a Used Uniform Sale is held to assist parents who would like to purchase low cost, gently used uniforms.