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Stewardship Projects

Stewardship Projects

One of the very special attributes of St. George Catholic School is the generosity of its students and their families.  In August, 2015, the St. George Catholic School Service Committee met to prayerfully reflect on our service program.  There was a consensus among the Service Committee members that the goal of service is to promote stewardship, sharing our time, treasure and talents that we have received from God, with others and to recognize that our actions make a positive difference in the lives of those we help.  It is through our service program that we want students to know that they are answering God's call to be good stewards and because of this, future service projects will be referred to as Stewardship Projects.


Lenten Stewardship Project

Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank


During Lent we have chosen to assist our city’s food bank by offering selected food items.  Each class has a specific food item to be offered at our school liturgies.

The schedule is as follows:

Friday,  March 24, 2017:

DK, K-5              

canned vegetables


K-1, K-2    

canned soup


K-3, K-4              

*dried beans


Grade 1              



Grade 6    



Grade 7              

canned fruit


Friday, March 31, 2017:

Grade 3    

canned vegetables


Grade 4              



Grade 5              



Friday, April  7, 2017:

Grade 2              

canned vegetables


Grade 8              

canned tuna fish


Faculty & Staff                      

peanut butter or cooking oil


*It would be helpful to send dried goods like cornmeal, flour, sugar, rice, and beans in a large Ziploc bag or plastic grocery bag.  

Any student who forgot their food item on their assigned day may bring it on Friday, April  7, 2017

Please help the children to learn that this offering is a sacrifice to help someone else who is less fortunate to have a happier day.  Giving of ourselves without counting the cost is part of our call to community in Christ.