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STAR Testing

STAR Testing

Hello, Parents. Many of you have had questions about STAR testing at St. George School. STAR testing comes from the providers of the Accelerated Reader program and is used in many schools/districts across the United States to provide information about how well students are reading. Different students read at different levels and we want to provide advanced readers with literature that keeps them engaged, and struggling readers with the help they need to be successful. These tests do not reflect on the student's intelligence in any way.

The STAR test indicates the reading range in which the student has optimal comprehension without excessive frustration. This range is called the ZPD (zone of proximal development). The first test is just a baseline so we have a place to start. The test will be administered 3 times per year so we can track student progress. The first test is given at the beginning of the year, the second test during the first or second week of January, and the last test during the last week of April.

In the Library, our Accelerated Reader (AR) books have labels on the outside that indicate the reading level and the possible points. We will guide students toward books with reading levels in their ZPD. Those in lower grades with high ZPDs may check out books at their higher level that do not contain themes that are more appropriate for older students. Please help monitor what your child is reading and advise them and us if you deem the book inappropriate.

Thank you for all you do to encourage your children to be lifelong readers! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Jennifer Taylor